Arizona Mining History is a site dedicated to the historical mining of Arizona reflected from a modern day explorer.  Most information on the site is about mines, mining towns, and some other remote historical locations.  I hope you find this information interesting along with some historical facts about Arizona from the mining perspective.  

Many of these locations are declining due to weather and time.  It is a pleasure to visit these locations and leave them as I find them for others to discover.  Please Tread Lightly and respect these historical areas of this wonderful state.


This web site, the exploration, and research of these locations are my hobby.  I will be adding information and making updates as I take more trips and find details in my research.


Hopefully you find this information informative and enjoy the photos as much as I do.  Be safe and have fun!


Please send me a message on the contacts page if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Click on any pictures on the web site for a lager view and scroll through the pictures in that section.

Please take out what you bring in and leave places the way you find them for others to enjoy.

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