This web site is dedicated to the mining history in the state of Arizona.  I will share historical information I have gained about these sites, photos from these locations, travel information, and my personnel comments.


I hope to provide a new perspective on the mining locations based on historical details and current photos, visits to the locations and continued knowledge obtained from the forum as well as other documents and repositories of mining information.


I only take pictures from these locations and encourage people to do the same.  I treat these historical areas with respect and leave them as I found them for others to enjoy as I do.  Always pack out what you pack in out of respect for the area and others that my travel in your path.


Always be cautious around old mines as there are many dangers present and these areas can and have been deadly.


I am a Jeep owner and my vehicle has never left me stranded in my explorations of the historical mining history all around Arizona, my home state.


About Me:


I am an Arizona native born in Tucson and lived in several places around Arizona.  My father worked for the open pit mines South of Tucson when I was very young.  My family would enjoy weekend rides as I was growing up and I remember visiting Helvetia as a young child with my family.  My grandfather worked for Phelps Dodge for many years at the Morenci Copper Mine.  I spent many visits with my grandparnts in the Clifton/Morinci area riding with my grandfather on dirt roads all around the area discovering old mines and camp sites.  I have always been fasinated by the old mines

and remote locations.  Once I got older and got my Jeep, I was off exploring many other old mining areas around the state.  I am fasinated by the old mines, the processes, and the history of these places.  I continue to explore every chance I get in my great and fasinating home state of Arizona.

Site Notes:


Arial maps shown on this site were generated from Google Earth.

96 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

Trusty steed and mountain climber.

Jake (Puppy)

Trusty campanion and explorer. You may catch glimpses of Jake in some pictures.

Please take out what you bring in and leave places the way you find them for others to enjoy.

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