Antler / Vendetta Mine - Mohave County


Where:  Mohave County outside Yucca Arizona along the Boriana mine road


Travel Conditions:  To get to the Vendetta (Antler) mine a 2WD high clearance vehicle can be taken.


Operation Dates:  Established in 1879


Description:  The Vendetta mine is also known as the Antler mine where Antlerite was discovered.


About twenty miles southeast of Yucca, on the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, is located the Antler mine, recently purchased, along with others by the well-known mining firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co. The product is copper and silver.  Development work is now being pushed on this property, and a large body of ore of excellent grade has already been uncovered.  A branch railroad from Yucca Station to the mines is in contemplation, and reduction works will undoubtedly be built at the mine in the near future.  This district promises to be one of the most prosperous in Mohave County.


The original Antler claim was located in 1879 on oxidized copper ore containing from 5 to 12 percent Cu (Romslo, 1948). This claim, patented in 1894 (mineral survey no. 903; Stringham, 1946), lies within the Antler claims (fig. 3) and contains the Antler mine. Eight unpatented mining claims adjoin the Antler patent; three are within the study area. These patented and unpatented claims are held by Standard Metals Corp., New York City. The ANT, Stray Horse, and Putter groups of copper- zinc-lead claims are within 1 mi of the study area, but none of these have been mined.


The Antler massive sulfide deposit is roughly tabular. It strikes N. 20° to 30° E. along its 2,000-ft strike length and dips about 70° NW. Folding deformed the body into "ore shoots" that rake N. 50° at the north end of the deposit and rake southward at the south end; this relation indicates a late overall arching of the entire deposit. The deposit extends to at least 650 ft in depth, but its total depth is not known and it continues along strike at least 300 ft into the study area.


What you will see today:  There is a headframe at this location over the mine entrance.  Parts of the headframe look more modern from some other locations I have visited.  There is mention of the mine working up into the 1960's.  There is also a larger metal building that looks modern but is showing its age.  Several core samples can be found on the floor in the metal building.  There are other declining wood structures and mining evidence around the site.


Comments:  This is a great place to visit and can be reached easily.  There was a listing on ebay back in 2012 and the mine was sold to a new owner.  I have not been to this location since 2012 to see if there is any activity at this location.


I visited this mine on January 20, 2016 and not much had changed.  There was a small sign that had been placed on the headframe near the shaft entrance since my last visit.  A couple of pictures have been added since this visit.


I found it interesting that this mine is noted for the mineral Antlerite per Wikipedia.  It states "Originally believed to be a rare mineral, antlerite was found to be the primary ore of the oxidised zones in several copper mines across the world, including the Chuquicamata mine in Chile, and the Antler mine in Arizona, USA from which it takes its name." (


Minerals Mined:  Gold, Antlerite was discovered at this location


Acknowledgement:  Mohave Museum,



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